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AI Models are on the rise, and making serious money.

While the subject of the website is on Ai trading bots, you can not ignore what else is going on in other areas of ai technology. The future of ai, I believe will be an exciting time, if not at times confusing.

Here is a few snippets from two different articles, on two beautiful models, that are sadly not real, but are in fact ai models, simply ai programs. Didn’t see that one coming.

Social media is filled with influencers and models, people who rapidly rise to fame due to their eye catching content. One of these is Aitana Lopez, a gorgeous woman based in Barcelona that’s known for her stylish pink hair and amazing photos. Unlike other influencers of the sort, Aitana is not a real person. Instead, she’s an AI program that makes thousands of dollars for her creators.

Her social media is packed with all manner of information, including her interests, her age, and the name of her parent company, The Clueless, founded by Ruben Cruz. Her profile indicates that she’s based in Barcelona, is a gamer, and is interested in fitness. Posts show her in a variety of locations, from the beach, to her home, giving the appearance of a real person that travels and spends time posting photos and writing captions. She has over 130 thousand followers on Instagram and earns about 12 thousand dollars on a good month, reports Interesting Engineering.

In an interview with EuroNews, Cruz revealed that they made Aitana to make more money for his company, and not have to rely on outside forces. Aitana was devised so The Clueless “could make a better living and not be dependent on other people who have egos, who have manias, or who just want to make a lot of money by posing.” Her great success has resulted in the birth of Maia, another AI personality made by The Clueless, having blonde hair and an attraction for monochromatic pallets.

The first AI Latina model

AI models are on the rise, with keen eyes being the only ones who are able to determine if a person online is real or not. Evania Aria Luxardo is another similar case, the first Latina AI model to go viral. She made an appearance on this year’s New York Fashion Week, showcasing the union betweeen human creativity and artificial intelligence, with the model digitally integrating herself with the clothing garments.



Evania Aria Luxardo

Evania Aria Luxardo, a Latina “AI” virtual model, spurs unanswered questions

Claimed to be a pioneering, AI-generated ‘virtual influencer’, Evania Aria Luxardo makes us wonder what the future might hold for social media, the influencer world, fashion and modelling, among other topics.

The crew behind Evania Aria Luxardo, the Product Bar, says she’s a ‘virtual influencer’ who is powered by ‘artificial intelligence’. And they have high hopes that she’ll represent the future of fashion while celebrating Latina heritage.

According to the company, which is a collective of digital experts: ‘We believe she represents not only the future of virtual influencers but also the future of diversity and inclusion in the digital realm. Evania Luxardo will break boundaries, inspire, and ignite conversations about the limitless possibilities of AI technology.’

There’s no deception here. Evanialux admits she’s an AI-generated Latina virtual model in her Instagram description and website, though she can’t be 24 years old. It’s not hard to foresee another player not being up front with a model’s origins at all. The world forecast by Andrew Niccol in his 2001 film Simone is being realized a generation on.

Evania Luxardo’s 33 Instagram images, uploaded over the last week, already see her posing in some Nike gear, and placed in front of presumably real-world settings that have had the bokeh effect applied to them.


While Evania is often described as an “AI-generated” model, it’s important to remember that a team of humans is behind her creation and ongoing development. The AI aspect comes into play through algorithms that power her facial expressions, body movements, and interactions with her audience.

The rise of AI virtual models like Evania presents exciting possibilities for the future of fashion, marketing, and entertainment. It will be interesting to see how this technology continues to evolve and shape our digital experiences.

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Just to finish off, the following video is spot on for this subject. Well worth a watch.

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